It is with great sadness and regret that KWO announces the loss of one of our family and our heroes.

US Army Specialist Rob Hoadley lost his battle with cancer on March 30, 2014.

At KWO, we are hunters. We take comfort in knowing that the last day that Rob and his beautiful wife Heather spent together in the field was with KWO. Two ducks made the mistake of coming to Rob and Heather's set-up. Their last moment afield together was with two ducks on the ground!

Rob, you are a hero. You fought like a hero. We are thankful for your service and all you have done to preserve the freedom of this beautiful nation. We hope that your arrows fly true in Heaven's gentle winds and that your arrows disappear behind the shoulders of bucks we can only dream of. Rest easy warrior, until we meet again. I love you my friend!

Kip West
President, KWO
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Heather and Rob Hoadley

Heather, Toby Keith and Rob Hoadley

US Army Specialist Rob Hoadley
November 24, 1989 - March 30, 2014